About us

The history of SCHMUCKWERK Hübener dates back to the year 1985, when Barbara and Martin Hübener began with the production of artistically inspired silver and wood jewelry. After the political changes of 1989, the distribution and supply of jewelry stores expanded to the federal level, and the jewelry was also offered and sold in numerous markets and fairs. In 1997 the first store of SCHMUCKWERK Hübener was opened in the city center of Leipzig. Good relations with the neighboring city Halle and the local art college , as well as the success seen in Leipzig led to the opening of a jewelry gallery in the city of Halle . It was followed by the opening of the Berlin branch at Quartier 205 on Friedrichstrasse in 2003.

The latest highlight in the history of SCHMUCKWERK Hübener was the opening of this "store" on the Internet, with which we are now selling our jewelry in all over Germany and beyond.

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