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The precious metal silver itself is very well suited for allergy sufferers who want to wear beautiful jewelry due to its durability and lack of reaction. A small source of danger are the metals that are always added to the silver for better processing and durability. We only use 925 sterling silver in our silver jewelry. This consists of 92.5 percent (hence 925) silver, the remaining 7.5 percent is copper. This ensures that there is no nickel in our silver jewelry. Nickel is known to be responsible for a large part of the allergies in the jewelry sector. At the Schmuckwerk-Shop, however, all precious metal jewelry is principally nickel-free.

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Silver jewelry without allergic reactions

However, since every human body ticks a little differently, a few can be allergic to other components of silver. Should that be the case, we will of course take back any necklace, ring or earrings made of silver. At this point, however, we can also offer a coating with rhodium or white gold. This coating with the even more noble metals reduces the allergy risk practically to zero.

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Of course, this costs something, but not nearly as much as an entire ring made of white gold. For one of our cast rings, rhodium plating or plating with white gold would mean a surcharge of 45 euros. It still remains a very individual precious metal ring for a very affordable price.

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