Can my silver jewellery become tarnished?

If worn often, silver jewellery does not tarnish easily. Even if a piece of silver jewellery is worn only once a month, tarnishing should not be expected. Silver jewellery that is left unworn for half a year or more may become slightly darker. Such darkening is usually not a problem and can be easily corrected. Drugstores and grocery stores typically carry products you can use to easily untarnish silver. By dipping the piece of jewellery into the product and rinsing it well, silver and gold-plated jewellery pieces will return to their original color (beads and some gems should not be used with silver cleaning products!).

For smooth, polished surfaces, using silver cleaning solution is not necessary. Rather, it's better to use a a simple silver cleaning cloth. For matte surfaces, it is possible to use a special liquid cleaner (Scotch-Brite), which can also be used to polish the worn matte finish once more. We will provide you with a complementary polishing cloth and cleaning fluid along with corresponding pieces of jewellery. Thus, your jewellery will always sparkle and shine like the first time you tried it on!

Example images of tarnished silver:
angelaufener Silberschmuck, Ohrstecker, Ring Angelaufenes Silberbesteck


Tarnishing of silver is caused by the formation of silver sulfide that results from the reaction of silver with atmospheric oxygen traces of hydrogen sulfide:

Formel für Silber-Anlaufen


Silver jewellery that is guaranteed not to tarnish (Because you may never want to take it off ever again!)

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