Diamond - information

Diamonds are composed of pure carbon, which is formed into the precious stone after millions of years of immense heat and pressure. The Diamond is the hardest and rarest of all stones and has fascinated people throughout history due to its fantastic light refraction and luster. The most popular types are white and clear diamonds, but they also come in many other different colors such as gray, yellowish, pink, blue, and black. Major diamond sites are located in Africa, South America and Siberia. Its name derives from the Greek of the word "adamas" (which means “insurmountable”). Many legends surround this unique stone. Even magical powers have been attributed to it. Diamonds are the stones of kings and emperors and are often featured in crown jewels--an insignia of royal power. After 1456, the brilliant cut diamond technique was invented, which allowed for the stone to obtain its perfect sparkle. The diamond is a symbol of immortality, wealth, and well-being. Also, the stone is regarded as a sign of undying love and loyalty, even to this day. Some believe that the healing powers of the diamond are especially strong. It is thought that the diamond can strengthen the brain and cause blockages in the body to dissipate.
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