CARNELIAN - information

Since ancient times, carnelian has been one of the most valuable gemstones on Earth. The stone is part of the quartz group and is considered to be an agate like the onyx. Its wonderful red color is caused by the accumulation of iron. Shades of red to orange to red-brown can also be found. The main sites of carnelian are located in Australia, Brazil and India. The name “carnelian” was presumably related to its color, and is derived from the Latin word "corneolus", which is cherry native to southern Europe and parts of the Middle East. The Egyptians believed this stone held divine power and wore it as a stone of renewal and loyalty. The stone's color scheme is reminiscent of the sunset and also, to the Greeks, it was seen as a symbol of the recurring sun. The stone is thought to provide better blood flow to the organs, improve oxygen content in the blood, and strengthen the immune system. It is regarded as a power stone, which helps people to make right choices in love and partnership, as well as bringing more joy into their life.
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