CHALCEDON - information

Chalcedon belongs to the quartz family and is comprised of silicon oxide. Its color can vary from white, gray, light blue to blue. Chalcedony is often streaky. Sites where the stone can be found are located in India, Yemen and the United States. However, the beautiful blue chalcedony can only be found Namibia. His name was presumably after the ancient city of Chalcedon on the Bosphorus (also known as the Istanbul Strait in Turkey). Found here are the earliest recorded sites of chalcedony. Ancient archaeological finds prove that chalcedony was used early on to make tools and jewellery. Also, popular ancient gems were carved from chalcedony. Chalcedony is considered to be the stone of love and should protect from anger and melancholy. As a healing stone, chalcedony is believed to have anti-hemorrhagic (capable of stopping bleeding) properties. It is also believed to help with fever and bronchial diseases.
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