CITRINE - information

The citrine is a quartz crystal. Trace elements of titanium and manganese, as well as high temperature and pressure gives the stone its yellow color. citrine is available in shades that range from pale yellow through yellow to light brown. In nature, citrines are rare. Therefore, Amethysts were treated with high heat (burned) in the Middle Ages in order to create their unique color. This artificially treated stones are known as Gold Topaz, or Madeira Topaz. Sites of genuine citrine are found in Brazil, the U.S. and Madagascar. The name citrine is derived from Greek and means something akin to “lemon stone.” Its light, radiant yellow is said to give its wearer happiness and self-confidence. In the Middle Ages the citrine was revered as the Sun Stone, which was believed to give long life to its wearer. As a healing stone. Citrine is believed to have detoxifying properties, which assists in bolstering the immune system and metabolism. The stone also strengthens one's capability for expression, as well as in leading a fulfilling and joyous life.
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