Garnet - information

strengthens its wearer with self-confidence and sparks the fire of love. It is also believe to have power to strengthen friendships. The garnet was always a popular healing stone, believed to strengthen the heart, regulate blood pressure, enable the memory capacity, and increase the vitality of the wearer with its glowing red light.
The garnet, which is a magnesium-aluminum mineral, is considered to be one of the most popular and beautiful stones throughout the history of mankind. The dark red garnet, also known as “pyrope,” is the most most famous variety. Garnets also come with slightly brownish or purple red coloring. The locality of the garnet is crucial for its coloring. Garnets can mainly be found in Bohemia, but also in Germany and Austria. Other sites are located in Canada, Madagascar and South Africa. The name garnet is probably derived from the Latin word "granatus" (- grain), as it is often found in secondary deposits in granular form. Medieval traditions describe the garnet as "Carfunkulus" (- glowing stone). As such, the glowing garnet
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