OPAL - information

The opal is a water-containing (up to 30%) stone comprised of silicon dioxide. The stone gets its unique color from microscopic water deposits that shine through the refraction of light, which is reminiscent of the colors of the rainbow. Most famous opal sites are located in Australia, Brazil and the United States. The name opal is derived from the ancient Indian word "upala" (noble stone). Assyrians, Babylonians, and the Romans fashioned jewellery and simple tools from opal. The “noble opal” is the most famous and beautiful stone from the opal family. Through its diverse color and opalescent luster, the opal was always thought to be the most mysterious of the gemstones. Traditionally, it was considered to be a stone of genuine love and could be used as a balm for the soul. Opals are found exclusively in Mexico and is worshiped by the Indians as a stone of eternal love. Wearing an opal is thought to protect the body from danger and keep envious, false friends at a distance. As a healing stone, the opal is believed to have an anti-inflammatory effect. It is also supposed to prevent allergies and can be used for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.
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