Rock crystal - information

Rock crystal is a clear crystal quartz, which is made of pure silicon oxide and oxygen. The stone's crystalline essence has grown for millions of years in caverns and eventually crystallizes into its present form. Pure quartz crystals are very rare and valuable. The main quartz reservoirs are located in the Alps, Brazil and the United States. The name derives from the Greek word "krystallos" (which means “ice” in English). Rock crystal is known by almost all nations of the earth. The Romans believed that rock crystal was petrified ice and ground the stones into balls for magical purposes (e.g. to swear love and loyalty). Indians placed rock crystal in the cradles of newborns in order to protect them from evil. Tibetans used the stone to treat wounds. It was also believed that drinking from a rock crystal bowl would protect against toothaches. The Scythians knew rock crystal as the stone of patience and perfection. Buddhists use the stone for meditation in order to to attain enlightenment. They say that the rock crystal arouses our intuitive powers, improves perception, and brings clarity in thinking.
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