Sapphire - information

The sapphire is comprised of aluminum oxide and, together with the ruby, belongs to the corundum group. They are the hardest and most valuable stones after diamonds. Different metallic deposits produce a fantastic variety of colorful sapphires. There are clear translucent, yellow, purple, pink, brown, and green sapphires. Blue sapphires are best known, however. The color was created by trace elements iron and titanium. Main sites of sapphire are located in Sri Lanka, India and Australia. The name sapphire is derived from from the Greek word "sapheiros" (blue). In ancient times, the sapphire was worshiped by the Greeks as the stone of faithfulness, wisdom, and reason. It was also a very popular as a gemstone with bishops and kings. The sapphire gem is believed to be the highest energy healing stone known today. It is said that the Sapphire lowers blood pressure, relieves insomnia and stress-related diseases. It also is said to have a calming effect and promote concentration.
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