Smoky quartz - information

Smoky quartz is a dark rock crystal, which obtained its smoky, soft brown shade from intense heat and the sun's strong gamma rays (millions of years ago). Chemically, smoky quartz is comprised of silicon oxide in combination with oxygen. There are smoky quartz smoky from brown to black. The main reservoirs of smoky quartz are located in the Alps, Brazil, and the United States. During Antiquity, the smoky quartz was also known as “rock crystal.” The Greeks referred to the smoky quartz as "adult rock crystal". The Romans wore smoky quartz during periods of mourning. It was believed that the stone would bring the joy of life back to them. The Arabs revered the smoky quartz as a stone of friendship and loyalty. The smoky quartz has also been used to protect against stomach diseases, prevent muscle diseases, and relieve depression.
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