SPINEL - information

The spinel is composed of oxidized magnesium-iron-aluminum and chromium compounds. Large spinel crystals are extremely rare to find. Spinels are translucent stones and often come in different colors. They are available in colors that range from white, blue, and red to green and black stones. Main sites of the stone can be found in in Africa, Brazil, and Sri Lanka. Its name is probably derived from the Greek word "spinther," which has a similar meaning to "sparkle." In ancient times, the spinel was a very popular as a healing stone and as jewelery due to its sparkling properties. The spinel was considered to be similar to sapphire and ruby because of its beautiful color and is often found in the crown jewels of royalty. It is said that the spinel strengthens the nervous system and stimulates energy, especially when expecting upcoming changes such as moving to a new home, changing a job, etc.
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