Topaz - information

Topaz gemstones belong to its own group within the gemstone ecosystem. The white, clear topaz consists of an aluminum-silicon-fluorine compound. During its formation millions of years ago, trace elements of other compounds resulted in topazes with different colors. These include the orange-yellow Imperial topaz, which owes its distinctive coloring to the element iron. The blue topaz obtained its color through an admixture of chromium and lithium. The Topaz is found mainly in Brazil, Africa, Mexico and the Ural Mountains. The name of the stone is derived from the location where it was first discovered: Topasos Island in the Red Sea. The topaz is a popular gemstone and is often mistaken throughout history for aquamarine or even diamonds. One can find topazes in many royal treasures. The Saxon rock “Snail Stone,” found in the Ore Mountains, contained 480 orange-yellow topazes that have since been incorporated into the English crown. It is said that the topaz increases self-confidence and promotes the realization of large plans.
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