TURQUOISE - information

Turquoise is a copper mineral and is composed of a copper-aluminum-polonium-phosphate compound. The play of color ranges from turquoise blue, light blue to sky blue. The most famous sites turquoise are found in areas of Mexico, USA, China and Tibet. The stone's name is borrowed from the French word for turkey: “tourquise.” As such, the turquoise probably reached the rest of Europe through France. Aztecs, Ottomans, Egyptians, and Tibetans valued the stone as a religious and healing stone. For example, the Native Americans believed that turquoise pose a direct connection between sky and sea. Turquoise was also believed to ward evil away from its carriers and protect them from danger. It is also said that the turquoise cures diseases of the respiratory tract, has a beneficial effect on the eyes, and strengthens the heart. It is also believed to strengthen self-confidence and increase creativity, as well as fostering balance and encouraging hard work.
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