Determining Ring Size:


When determining your ring size, it is always important to note on which finger your future ring will be worn and its width. Ring sizes right and left hand fingers can be quite different. Please keep this in mind for your measurements. If you are still unsure of your exact ring size please inform us (especially for wide rings).

Also, keep in mind that your size can change over the course of the day or in different temperatures.

Measuring ring size with one of our ring gauge

If you send us an email with your address, we can send you a ring gauge. With that, it is very easy to determine your ring sizes on your own. Afterwards, please send the ring gauge back to us.

Measure ring size in a jewelry store

Most jewelry shops offer the service of measuring your ring size free of charge. Maybe you know such a shop nearby. Sometimes it helps, if you pretend, you actually want to buy a ring from the store. Which in the end, you of course buy from us. ;-)

If you already have a ring that fits a corresponding finger

In this case, the most accurate way would be to send us this ring. We will measure it and manufacture the new ring in the size of your old ring. Afterwards we will send both rings back to you. If you do not want to your ring for such a long time, you can also do it like this:

Take a sharp pointed knife and slip your ring over the top.

Once the ring settles on the blade, the two points of contact between the blade edge and the inside of the ring represents the ring's diameter. Now you can measure it with a ruler. Once the diameter is measured, multiply the obtained value by the factor of 3.14 to get the ring size.

Example: Inner diameter 17mm: 17 x 3.14 = 53.38

The exact ring size would be so 53.38. In this case, it is more practical to round the number up to 54.

If you do not have a corresponding ring

Keep in mind that this method can be a lot less accurate!

Take a piece of tape and place it around the selected finger as you would a ring. Mark the spot where the ends overlap.

Cut the tape.

Now, remove the tape from your finger and measure the length of the strip (from the top mark). The result (in mm) is your ring size.

Example: Length of tape is 51 mm, then the corresponding ring size should also be 51.

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