Your jewellery channel on the web!

Welcome to your source of precious jewellery on the Internet: the jewellery channel on the web! We are happy to provide you with a wide range of assorted necklaces, earrings, rings etc.. For great part these are designed and crafted by ourselves, so when you find something here you can be certain not to stumble across somebody else with the same piece in your neighbourhood. Unless you recommended us, well we wouldn't argue against that, or would we?

Why did we call this webpage our jewellery channel?

Well, the trading of jewellery made from precious materials, i.e. gold and silver with beautiful diamonds and gemstones has a long tradition, it started as early as roman times. And how were the trading goods transported for most of the centuries until now? Right, they were "shipped" on the water - you see the connection. At the same time we wanted to position our online shop as a steady and reliable source for exceptional jewellery - a jewellery channel. Finally, the elegance of the gondolas of Venice is legendary, so we chose it for our logo - this is how we arrived at the appearance of this beautiful webpage, do you like it?

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